This report provides hard evidence for what anyone working with grassroots leaders knows.
— Ro Khanna, U.S. Congress, CA-17

This report provides hard evidence for what anyone working with grassroots leaders knows. Democrats across our nation are desperate for a bold vision for the economy, racial justice, and restraining military interventionism. Articulating such a platform is the best way to inspire confidence and deserve victory.

— Ro Khanna, U.S. Congress, CA-17


In this report, Data for Progress and Justice Democrats conclusively confirm what progressives in the Midwest have long believed: voters tend to be much more open-minded than the people we elect to represent us. This is the natural result of a political system that unashamedly rewards the rich, rather than people who have experienced real working-class problems. The latter, of course, stand to benefit the most from progressive policies, and this further underscores the fact that populist messaging on the left need not be vague or timid to be successful. Two major questions are raised by this research: first, how long are Democrats in the Midwest going to be willing to listen to Washington-think-tank speculation about what is going to "play in Peoria," rather than following what they already know is likely to be popular in their districts — the kind of ideas that are best for the future of America? And second, why would Democrats in safe blue districts be afraid to press forward with bold ideas when we know those ideas are what both excite our bases and drive new voters to the polls?

— Dan Canon, Candidate for U.S. Congress, IN-09


Every Democrat running for office (especially those already in Congress) should study this x-ray of the party's soul. When we offer people something to vote for — quality healthcare, a living wage, clean air and water, and a fair & humane immigration policy — we welcome back millions of people who'd given up on politics. Expanding the electorate isn't just good for our democracy; it's how we flip Michigan's 11th, and compete (and win) nationwide.

Fayrouz Saad, Candidate for U.S. Congress, MI-11


We keep thinking that the way to win elections is by running to a non-existent center and going after Republican votes while compromising our values. That's ridiculous - our job is to bring voters who have long-since been forgotten, including young people, progressives, and people of color, into the party and turning out our base. That's what a progressive movement does.

Abdul El-Sayed, Candidate for Governor, Michigan